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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal reports on 2.17.2016

The Lower Sac has been fishing pretty well most days. After a week of record 80-degree weather we began seeing intense caddis hatches along with multiple species of mayflies popping daily. Throw a little egg bite, in places, into the mix and we have experienced what the river is known for… big, fat, strong, wild rainbow trout!!

This all changed, however, yesterday (Wednesday) when we had the rude reminder that it’s still wintertime…. it turned colder and windy with intermittent rain all day long. My clients had great fishing right off the bat in the morning, with super grabby fish on every pass - but it really shut down by mid-day. Not sure if it was the pressure change, or temps, but when these fish tighten up, they really lock-up and they do not cooperate.

I’m sure after a few days of consistent weather (whatever that will be) the fish will adjust and be back into grabby mode again. It’s time to get excited about late winter and early spring fishing the Lower Sac, one of California’s most productive wild trout rivers. There are many fish in the river that push 18-24”+ and fishing with a local, knowledgeable guide from a drift boat is great way to enjoy a day fishing this river.

**Just had a cancellation this weekend Feb 20-21, also open Feb 22-25, March 10, 11, 17, 18 and would be psyched to fish with you on the Lower Sac.

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