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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt “Gilligan” Koles reports on 4.5.2016

Hard to believe it’s already April. The Truckee River is still pumping pretty good, at least through the lower stuff here down in the Hirsch. Flows should come down soon after Donner and Prosser get rid of water for flood protection. Boca is almost up to the top. I have not seen it that full since ’12. Flows will increase from snow melt at some point, but don’t get set on a warm spring. I’m betting we will still see some descent snows.

Much tougher this week at least in my zone. My zone being Boca and into Nevada. I don’t spend much time above Boca and  through the Glenshire stretch. Great water up there for sure, and It would be much easier guiding wise in the lower flows.

So, I man folks up, and sometimes we do good, and sometimes we don’t. It’s big water, and it does take a lot of skill to hook and land these fish right now-  and there’s not a lot of fish per mile down here. The majority of the fish we catching are big. The little fish are just not that active yet. When the water gets warmer they will be and catch rates will go up.

I’m guessing it’s tougher because the water is warming and the fish are spreading out. 48 degrees. Also, some rainbows are getting on their spawning beds, so they’re not out feeding where you’re thingamabobber is floating through. You’re going to have to cover and fish a lot of different water right now for the next few…

On a side note: I cannot guide as much as I used too raising 2 twin’s now. My schedule is getting pretty tight- so please get your trip set before the last minute. Also, no more of me taking 3 people on guide trips. Unless you’re all beginners and you want a casting lesson, knots and bugs type thing. I have a hard time getting 1 person onto fish on this river, 2 is ok, and 3 is just too many for a good guide trip. Best thing to do is hire an additional guide to come along on the trip, which I can accommodate, or think about ditching the 3’rd and have them manning the bbq when you get back.

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