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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt “Gilligan” Koles Reports on 5.11.2016

A weekend of almost non stop rain here on the Truckee River. The river came up to well over 900 cubes here in the Hirsch, but once again is back in the mid-800’s. Still pretty big, but it should drop more this week after releases from Donner Lake come down. The weather will clear and should be a nice week to fish up here.

We’re still catching big fish, but not a lot of fish. It’s still early in the season. A lot more bugs cruising around and the river is  waking up. Trouts are spreading out and you will find them in just about all different types of water. Good news if you like fishing streamers. Things are only going to get better.

I never really ran into any good dry fly fishing last week, but soon we’ll have carpenter ants, green drakes, and caddis to look forward too. When the river is big and cold nymphing is the name of the game. Fishing under the indo, and tight line nymphing both have been good.

The Little Truckee is still low. Flows are at 40 cfs. Flows are going to come up to 45 cfs. That looks to be about it for now. 45 cfs is not the greatest, but it’s better than 35. I guess the good news is Stampede is filling up and Boca is currently near the top. 40 cfs doesn’t get me that excited to go fish or guide out there.

I have a cancelation for this Sunday’s clinic. If anyone wants to join give me a call. Also, I have one spot for June 5th clinic.

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