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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Heron Reports on 6.30.2016

The local fishing and guide season is in full swing in the Truckee area and we’re all preparing for what is going to be the busiest week of the year for the area.

On the Truckee we’re seeing the normal summer bugs for early July. From the nymphing side of things, golden stones and rubblerlegs, caddis larve and pupa in anything from 14-18s, PMDs and even a few left over baetis from the late spring are around.


If you’re lucky you might even get into some of our classic summer dry fly fishing. You can pretty much plan I seeing everything from the above list as well as Yellow Sallies. Our “magic hour” is just starting to take shape in the evenings when the bugs explode. That said, it’s a short window and bring your A-game from the casting side of things. It’s seems like the fish are always on the far bank and drag free drifts are must.

Our classes in Squaw are going as well as ever for families, kids and beginner anglers. If you’re not familiar, we have two private ponds that are perfect for teaching every technique out there. Right now our best fishing times are mornings and evenings. That said there has been a mid day callibaetis hatch that has been off the charts.

As you might image this is the time of year when tourist season really hits the region. If you’re not into the crowds, there are plenty of little no name creeks and small lakes that dot the Truckee area to the north. Get out there and explore a little, with water for the first time in years, you might be surprised what you run into.

Lastly, with the release of water out of Tahoe this week the water temps on the Truckee have gone up considerably. Just like years past, keep a thermometer with you. Yesterday temps were 62 degrees at 1pm. Remember that 68-70 is the lethal threshold for Trout. If you’re seeing those temps, grab a beer and go for a swim.

We highly encourage anyone looking for guides to book as early as possible. Our summer calendar is as booked as it’s ever been and the sooner the call the better. We would love to show you all what the Truckee has to offer for the first time in years!

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