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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matthew Koles Reports on 6.30.2016

I guess you can say that it’s full on summertime fishing here on the Truckee River. Cool mornings, warm to hot windy afternoons, and pretty good consistent fishing.

In fact, I would say the fishing is very good. Good flows and good bugs and good fish. Great time of year to tight line nymph in the pocket water. Fish move in fast oxygenated water this time of year. No sense flogging the water with your elk hair caddis when the fish are sucked down in the bottom eating nymphs-in fast water. I will have a tight line nymphing clinic date shortly. It does take some skill to read the water this time of year and put the nymphs where they need to be. You’re just bouncing your nymphs along the bottom, or sliding them, like when you were a kid with a salmon egg on a Zebco outfit. If you want to fish like Brad Pitt you may get some fish to pop up on some dries through out the day, but down and dirty gets ‘er done in the summer.


If you are looking for good dry fly fishing head on over to the LT, or wait until before dark on the Truckee. You should see fish rising every evening all summer.

Like I say go into Mountain Hardware in Truckee and get some of my nymphs. Fly Fishing Specialties in Sacto, Lost Coast Outfitters in SF, or Reno Fly shop in Reno. They will work on this river. Stones, crays, caddis pupa, pmd nymphs, green drakes, etc. Stones and crayfish and caddis should be a big part of your fly box for Truckee River trout- right now.

Going to get crowded and warm this week on the river. I wish I could hide until after the 4th, but you have to make hay while you can.

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