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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matthew Koles Reports on 7.14.2016

Pretty decent solid fishing on the Truckee River.

Tight line nymphing through the pocket water is my gig right now. Of course that’s not the only way to catch fish on the T, but it’s fun to break the river down into slots and pepper them until you get some grabs. Trouts are sucked down in the fast pocket water and that is the best way to get them.


It’s not the only way.., you can throw streamers, fish big dries, indicator fish, etc. Crayfish are kinda the main food and caddis too right now. Actively fishing both can be good-meaning swinging them. Bugs swim, and of course crayfish too. Dead drifts are great, but summertime bugs swim around and fish swim to chase them. Think about putting a swing into the end of your drift-when your nymphing. Low light so good for the streamer fishing, and evening low light is good for dry fly fishing. Caddis are out in the evenings every night until the end of summer.

Ok, so good weather, actually nice and cool weather out, good flows, good fishing.

Fish are very spread out and you need to cover some water and fish as much water as you can. They are and can be everywhere right now.

Remember, I have a tight line nymphing clinic on Saturday July 30th. The 23rd is sold out

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