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Truckee River Fly Fishing

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Matt Koles reports on 4.11.19

Had a great clinic this weekend on the Truckee River.

Other than that, not too much difference since a week ago.

Flows have gone up to almost 3000k here in Hirschdale with more releases from Boca. We really aren’t getting the big runoff yet, but a slow good melt. We’ll get that soon enough. For now enjoy these flows while they last. Clarity ain’t bad either.

So good solid fishing is you’re finding that soft water and fishing it correctly. Trouts can’t fight that current, if you can find that soft shit, you’ll find fish. Get schooled up if you need too and take a clinic. Though all we really do anymore is bbq and drink beer since I have a pit master on payroll now, but you’ll learn a ton, I promise.

Hit up those slow inside edges. Eggs, worms, stones. Give ‘em a good ole cheap buffet with flies they can see and pick up easy. No need for fancy french food. Size up on you’re tippet. I’m using 10-15 pound flouro, whatever X that is. You should have some streamers and fish them hard. That’s all I will say.

It’s actually a really fun time to be fishing up here. My funniest time for sure.

I will do another High Water Clinic either this month, or next. Hell, maybe 2.

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