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Trinity River and Klamath River Fishing Report

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AC Fly Fishing Reports on 12.1.2016

Unfortunately, there’s not much good to report on either of these rivers. Both the Klamath and Trinity have had low returns of Steelhead this year. It looks like the compounded years of drought in Northern California are finally catching up with us. We had some pretty successful fishing early in the season over on the Trinity but the fish that did show up early have jammed through to their tribs. We are still hopeful that the Wild, winter fish will show up in better numbers soon. Time will tell here. From here on out you can expect to work for your fish.. don’t expect those big double digit days that were had there the previous few years. Scrubbing the river and working hard all day can reward you with a few nice fish. Winter Steelhead fishing is a quality over quantity type of game. I still have a few December days available for hunting down some Wild, winter Steelhead on the Trinity.

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