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Upper Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Ted Fays Reports on 11.16.2016

Big fish are ready to play on the Upper Sacramento River …. the only reeeel trout stream open all winter here in Dogpatch. Now that the traditional trout season has come to a close …. by that I mean ALL LOCAL RIVERS ARE CLOSED! You would be surprised how many sports do not know the closures in Northern California let alone the regulation changes on the USac (catch and release, NO FRIGGIN BAIT, artificials only!) I saw two guys chucking salmon roe a couple of winters ago in the dead of Winter … dude, come on. In any event the USac has been a kind place this last week for my happy clients. Great clients and smiling faces, that’s what it’s all about. The river is fishing very good but you have to time your days due to the pulsing from the rain/snow we have been getting. Yes we are having an old fashion Fall segwaying into Winter. You treat the river like a steelhead river under these conditions, when the river is rising go eat pastries and have a beer but when she starts to drop then get with it and get to it. It’s a river not to be neglected during those days of Winter when your mind wanders off thinking of where you can chase some trout and have some solitude …. that can be now rather than next Spring. From now till April the river produces some QUALITY fish …. just gaze above. 

Give us a call at Wild Waters Fly Fishing to experience this great Winter fishery. We can also set you up with one of our great steelhead guides for the Klamath, Trinity, Rogue, and the coastal rivers of NorCal and Oregon.

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