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San Francisco Bay Fly Fishing Report

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Evan Praskin reports on 9.6.18

This weekend I had the pleasure of taking out Lars who was visiting the SFbay on a business trip from the UK. Since he visits a few times a year, he wanted to learn about the local waters and how to approach them. I picked him up at his hotel downtown and after a quick breakfast we were at our first stop within 15 minutes( a very short Uber ride if you are car less.)  After a few casts he was already into his first surf species, a barred surf perch, my favorite! We continued on in hopes of intersecting a nice striper, but the swell increased and the tide fell making conditions a bit tough with the waves breaking on the shore. Packed it up and moved inside the gates for some calmer conditions ( just a 10 minute drive.) The halibut bite has been pretty good and there are definitely some striper in the mix! But some days are better than others, all about time on the water. Some days they come within minutes, other days they are nowhere to be found. 

All in all the day was fantastic, those UK guys have some great stories and some pretty awesome fishing opportunities! Lars had a great day hunting and was happy to of had some America surf success. He left feeling pretty confident on how to approach the bay during his next trip out. 

Monterey Bay is still putting out a few fish, early morning or very late (fish in the dark!) few schoolies are around during the day, but they don’t come easy this time of year. As we get closer to October you should be focusing up the coast and toward the SF bay as the bass are doing their migration pattern. Perch are still out there around Santa Cruz and some nice fish are coming in during last light hours! Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend, we’ll see you in the beach! 

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