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Pyramid Lake Fishing Report

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Pyramid Lake Fishing Report

Sarah Landstrom Reports on 3.3.2020

After weeks of unseasonably warm temperatures, the weather we’ve been looking for finally showed up late Saturday night 2/29! Fish were hitting both midges, and streamers in the cold snowy weather. Skinny red and wine colored midges are ideal, as well as balanced leeches and popcorn beetles. We were primarily fishing two handed rods, roll-casting out indicator rigs.-- Don’t be afraid to fish close to shore! With the wind blowing towards us on Sunday, the fish were coming in close and eating. When you see fish rolling, make sure to give your flies a little action, or even strip them in slowly. The Lahontans are very active right now. 


In the years I have fished Pyramid Lake, I have never seen so many sizable fish come in at once. Many of the fish the Ladies of LCO brought in were over 10lbs, thanks to Pyramid Fly Co. Make sure to check out beaches north of Pelican, such as Windless. These areas were producing well and aren’t as crowded. Keep those flies in the water!


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