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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Richard Loft reports on 5.3.18

Hey, everyone, I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I would post an update.  I’m not going to cover the bug info, which was nicely covered by my colleague guides already; but I’m going to give my current tips and access points for Putah this Spring.

Access #5 produced a 16 in fish hiding in a rifle I have fished many times in the past but so much of the river has a new look to it I am still developing the perfect drift in these new areas.  My advice always takes it slow pay close attention to your indicator size and location; if you’re fishing 20 to 30 inches of water keep your leader just long enough to reach the bottom but not so long you won’t see a grab when a fish takes your fly. Remember we all miss the short subtle takes trout do– then reject by spitting out– that’s the downside of indicators; also they can spook fish so use the smallest size you can get away without it being pulled under. 

Access #4 was producing very well last Oct but has slowed considerably but still does produce some fish if your willing to spend the time. But remember its hit and miss as far as it being open the last few times it already being fished by someone else so I try to be respectful and just move on. With these higher flows, more of the river is becoming open so no need to crowd someone already fishing a riffle! Yesterday I landed a very nice 16 in fish after I moved on, so remember by just moving around you can find fish very willing to take your fly in water overlooked by others but its Putah Creek and it’s getting a lot of pressure right now until April 28th and many of the other rivers openings will help relieve much of the pressure on Putah.

Access # 1  Still seems a little low but I still love that rifle; last winter after the flows came back down I had some good luck at one but it is a tough rifle to fish. I find fish willing to take when other places are full.

Side note # 2!  As we enter warmer days flows will go up making it harder to wade and your fly to get down so consider ( High Sticking/Czech Nymphing )and or using bigger flys from time to time streamers, soft hackles and beadheads its just a suggestion in soft water; start with you normal flys-midges as of today the flows are at 260 and I was able to wade across the staircase but soon this won’t be an option.

Side Note: Hey watch out for rattlesnakes out there; a kid almost got bitten yesterday and I picked up one out of the road today. Be safe!

When you decide you want to get out on the water, feel free to reach out to me- it’s a beautiful time to be on the Creek! Thanks for reading. I have dates available. Richard Loft, Napa Valley Fly Guides, 707-294-4738;

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