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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney, Jordan Romney Fly Fishing

The fishing isn’t quite where I expected to be the past week that I was out there.  We landed a decent amount of fish and they were all good size and healthy.  We had to work pretty hard for them.  There are a lot of fish schooled up in the frog water where it is really hard to get a fly presented to them.  We worked several fish for a while with a few takes and missed hook sets.  You really cannot beat sight fishing for big fish, it takes a great deal of patience and stealth but the reward can be huge.

I think with the flows coming up a little bit last week more of those fish will move into the runs and riffles that we like to fish.  The window of good fishing is still open but will start to close once we get closer to May when the farmers need water and the creek spikes to over 500cfs.  

Give me a call and let me show you the ways of fishing Putah Creek which has been the river that I fished since I was old enough to hold a fly rod.

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