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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Richard Loft Reports on 10.1.2015

I think it might be time to consider switching to 3x and 4x tippet or bring an extra rod rigged up heavy. Here’s why: Last night I was fishing my normal rig, six and a half foot 4x leader with 5x below my weight, around 5pm and I wasn’t getting any action.  Not to mention, I was getting hungry but before I left for home I decided to stick a # 12 bird nest to see if that would be the ticket.  While fishing I see this huge fish go airborn right where I had casted so I set and yup it had taken that fly!  So long story short he breaks my 4x leader.  By the size of this fish you could tell it was time to switch to 3x and 4x. Also, I could have broken that section of water up and fished each section then moved closer.  Here is my thinking: little things make a big difference with big fish.  If I was closer to where I hooked that fish my line might not have broken but remember, these big fish go ballistic and I think that’s what happened here. I think these fish use underwater rocks and other structure to break the line and if you’re too far away your line is at a flater angle meaning the fish can more easily break your leader.  I know this is a lot just bare with me.  Fish your normal slot but consider bringing an extra rod, maybe a 6wt rigged with 3x or 4x and if you hook that big fish have a game plan. The fish is going to run right?  If you’re too far away your leader is exposed to rocks and other structure, which could result in loosing a fish of a lifetime.  If you can, fish  these intermediate sections.  Then move just a bit so if and when you hookup you can have the option of lowering your rod tip when you’re too far away.

Here are a few tips for fishing Putah Creek

1) Try to consider how you will fight a big fish from where you’re standing.  You want to be able to land the thing.  If you can’t draw the fish out of fast water its going to be hard to land these fish that are 5+ pounds

2) Its time to bring 2x / 3X  some of these fish are really big. So don’t be afraid to throw bigger flies on 2X and 3X.

3) Remember; make your leader long enough to reach the bottom

4) Use more weight if you’re not catching fish. Water is a powerful element, and if you’re flies aren’t right on the bottom you probably won’t get the grabs you’re looking for.

5) Cast upstream from where you want to target fish.  It gives your flies time to get down where you think a fish might be

6) Set! Even if you think that bump was a rock, hook sets are free so theres no point in wasting them

7) Remember Why you started fly fishing. The love of the outdoors 

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