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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Richard Loft reports on 7.13.18

Napa Valley

Hey everyone I just wanted to give a brief Putah Creek report for the last few weeks. Flows have held pretty steady between mid 500cfs and mid to high 600cfs so I am getting a few fish most days with a few in the 14+ inch range. I have had a few bigger fish on but at these flows it tough to get a decent set and easier for fish to come unbuttoned shortly after hooking up. This Tuesday I tried using one of my seldomly used flys and immediately hooked up on a really nice 14 then 5 minutes later had a 19, or so go airborne on the same fly.

On another note due to the flooding of winter of 2016 and the recent fires over the last 4 years accesses five and four has had major changes to the riverbed causing a couple large trees to fall across two of my favorite riffles at access 5 and at 4. Great right? Not so fast–a few fish are still getting caught at both spots so lets just wait and see how this pans out at lower flows. Things will always bounce back after major environmental events like fires and floods so its our job to adjust to those changes or look at fishing other spots or other rivers.

For me I’m sticking to Putah and on occasions the Lower Yuba and more recently Lake Hennessy where I have started targeting Bass and Crappie on the fly with mixed results. Ill keep you all informed as I continue to press my skills at Hennessey; for those of you that dont know Lake Hennessy in just south of Calistoga &  North of Napa- a great option during the High flows of Summer. July is pretty full, but I have dates available in August. Come on out and let’s fish!, Richard Loft, 707-294-4738. #frputahcreek #flyfishnapa #fishingreport
Thanks guys!!

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