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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney reports on 1.26.17

Next Available dates, February 28-March

Well, I haven’t fished Putah since November. This is the time of year where I let the fish spawn in peace. They will replenish their own stock for years to come. In addition, the clarity has been awful. The fires from last few summers plus the el nino like rains have really put some interesting color mud into the river. The last I heard from a day or two ago is that there is less than an inch of visibility right now. From my experience it doesn’t clear up very fast either.

I’ll be getting back on the Putah Creek in March. March and April are prime time months where the flows are in our favor. Some of the best fishing of the year happens during these months. The water will start to increase by May choking off several very productive runs. So we have a small window to be able to fish the creek in its entirety.

I am offering a Technical Nymphing class on March 4th. This class targets intermediate to advanced anglers. The skills you will take away from here will apply to anywhere else you fish. The focuses are on reading water speeds, advanced mending, and advanced rigging systems.

Give me a call if you are interested. 530.304.8421

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