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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney reports on 2.9.17

There really is nothing new to report on in regards to fishing Putah Creek. 

With the heavy rains the feeder creeks have swelled. The ground is entirely saturated now that it can not absorb any more water. Now every drop that hits runs off into the creeks. This is bad news, and it relates to the fires over the past three years. Thompson Creek and Cold Creek are dry as a bone in the summer time. When the rains get going all the water that drops on the hills start to accumulate in the creeks. Now that creeks fill with ash, and unstable silt from the mega fires. The silt resulting from these fires pours into the creek with a consistency of motor oil. Giant slugs of silty bottoms are covering the river. Wherever these slugs end up they suffocate all living things under them. The bugs in those spots will die, the crayfish will suffocate, and worse the fertilized eggs from the spawn will perish. 

The good news may happen in the next few days. The Moticello Dam spillway is almost over her top. The “glory hole” is a backup plan so when the lake fills up the glory hole will empty and will drain the lake before it could ever go over the top. This has never happened in my lifetime. So it’s been over 30 years. I believe the last time this occurred was in the early 80’s. If the water goes over the top there will be massive amounts of water draining down Putah Creek. This will be a huge help to push out the existing silt from the fires. To be honest the creek needed a good flushing regardless of the silt from the fires. I’ve heard rumors that by Saturday it will be over the top.

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