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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney Reports on 6.8.2017

Summer flows are here and they are here to stay.  It may even get a little bit bigger.  The good news is that the fish don’t leave the creek for the most part, the bad news is your ability to find them gets harder.  There are several runs and areas that become unfishable or inaccessible at these flows.  If you are willing to hike a bit through poison oak infested trails you can find some good water to fish that rarely gets any pressure.

Speaking of pressure, the creek is busy, maybe busier then I have ever seen it this time of year. Maybe since the water is high and there is less places to spread out has anglers congregating to the same areas. There has been an unprecedented number of tourists along the banks too.  The dog walkers, picnickers, hikers, bird watchers, and tubers Putah Creek is an absolute zoo.  Especially on weekends.  If it were me I would head a little further to less crowded fisheries.

The bug life has been good. The midges have returned and there are decent mayflies around too.  After 11:00 the caddis start to pop out in certain areas.  I think caddis must taste good to trout.  When that bug is around it will make trout get out of their mayfly comfort zone and do some amazing things to go grab it.  We are getting lots of little scrappy fish right now with one or two good 16+” fish a day.  At least we are hooking a few good ones, they don’t always make it to my net.

A common thing that I notice with anglers on the creek is that they use indicators that are too big. Remember always use the smallest indicator that you can that will support the weight of your rig.  There is only a handful of spots that need a big bobber. Try using the small ones and you will notice all the strikes you are missing.  Color is huge too.  I only use white or clear bobbers.  The bright yellow, orange, pink, and red ones scare fish.  If visibility is an issue try a red sharpie on the top of a white indicator to add some contrast.  

If you are a solo angler looking to get out let me know.  I have a solid program dialed in for targeting trophy fish out there.  

June: 19, 21-23, 25, 27, 28, 30

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