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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Rob Russell Reports on 11.30.2017

Unlike their mountain brethren, Putah Creek spawn in the Winter.  Beginning in November the first fish will begin preparing redds.  Fish will begin to take on a darker appearance and will seem sluggish and lethargic when hooked.  This is due to the tremendous amount of energy required to spawn and complete the reproductive process.  Putah Creek is a wild-trout fishery and requires natural reproduction to sustain the quality fishery that it currently is.  In hopes that Putah will continue to flourish, and in order to allow the trout to spawn completely unmolested,  fishing is highly discouraged from November 30 - March 1.  Please follow the lead of Putah Creek stewards and guides;  wait til the Spring to fish Putah Creek.  

Thanks a bunch!  - Rob Russell 707-888-2571

Pic of the LCO crew on a recent outing to Putah Creek

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