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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Rob Russell Reports on 2/17/2018

Happy Spring from Putah Creek!  Many trees and flowers bloom early in the warm, mild weather that Spring brings to the Creek.  Bay and Buckeye trees fill the air with their pungent scent and are two of my favorites.     

Hopefully, you have chosen to not fish Putah this Winter, and are eagerly awaiting your first trip!     Spring fishing at Putah is often the best of the year.  By March, most fish have recovered from spawning and are in terrific shape.  Last Spring, the fish were incredibly healthy, obese even.  

A steady diet of midges, mayflies, and an increasing population of caddis, no doubt providing plenty of food.  Water temps are cold in the early Spring and can make fishing difficult.  Fishing on warm days and during the warmest part of the day is your best bet.     

This time of year, swinging and stripping streamers can be a fun alternative to indicator nymphing.  Black or olive leeches, sculpin, and crayfish patterns are good bets.  Also, if you happen to spot large trout swimming in the slower, still sections of Putah, a damsel imitation and a perfect presentation can provide good fun.     Click the link and check out the short film produced by Lost Coast Outfitters and myself last Fall at Putah Creek!  It’s a great sneak peek!          

Dates available now at Putah Creek!  Give a call today! 707-888-2571 Rob Russell ……. Instagram and Facebook @robrussellflyfishing 

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