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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney Reports on 2.28.2018

Officially I do not have a current fishing report for Putah Creek.  We’ve been operating under the unofficial spawning closure since December.  March 1st marks the unofficial opener on the creek. I am amazed from the feedback and conversations I have with anglers who respect the closure.  Policing ourselves for the benefit of the fishery is the right thing to do.

Spring time historically has been really good on Putah Creek.  The fish come out of the spawn eager to eat.  With the low rain and snow pack this winter the creek should stay fishable throughout the season.  

The current flow are 65 cfs which is not very good.  I like things around 200-400 personally.  With the extreme low flow it will make fishing challenging.  6x tippet and superb drifts will be needed.  The water should start to come up soon.  The farmers are getting going so they will be calling on water.  I anticipate a huge increase in the next two weeks or so.  

Potentially there could still be active spawning fish.  If you can sight fish in less than 3 ft of water and the they do not spook when you approach they are spawning.  Please leave these fish alone.  Also, look before you leap.  If you see clear or clean gravel areas when wading or crossing that is a redd.  That is the nest the fish used to spawn in, do not put your boots in these areas.  You run the risk of stepping on eggs and crushing them.  

The bugs will be the same as they always have been.  Midges and mayflies are the tickets.  When the water goes up and weather gets warm there should be some afternoon caddis popping.  Alternatives would include san juan worms, attractor flies, or streamers.  

Guide Tip: Make sure to carry a variety of sizes of indicators.  Try to get away with a small of an indicator that will still support the weight.  I see a lot of anglers using the 1” thingamabobbers.  I cannot thing of a place to use such a big indicator on the creek.  Also, carry different colors.  I use clear and white.  Those big pink, red, orange ones spook fish.  I know it may be hard to see small clear indicators but remember it is hard for the fish to see them too.  Trust me, it makes a difference.  

My calendar has a few speckled days open for guide trips.  I recommend getting a midweek day if possible to avoid the crowds.

Clinic/Tour I have a few spots open for some on the water clinic/creek tours.  This class is designed to show the creek and to learn the techniques needed to be successful there.  

March 18: 1 Spot Open

March 24: 2 Spots Open        

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