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Pit River Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal, Reel Adventures Guide Service

Pit River continues to fish well in all areas of #3, #4 and #5. However, be aware that flows are scheduled to increase on Pit #5 Reach (from Pit 5 dam to James B. Black Powerhouse) from 1,200 to 1,500cfs or more the weekends of September 6 & 7 and September 20 & 21 for recreation purposes (dust off those kayaks). This is the only reach, we’ve been told, where flows are increasing in September.

The Pit River has been pretty good this week I fished anglers who were new to fishing the Pit and we had a great time! Sometimes, I believe that ignorance is bliss (they didn’t have preconceived notions about how difficult or trecherous the river is to wade). But this river is truly amazing and with the proper gear, wading staff, studded boots, picking the right access points, etc, the quality of the fishery speaks for itself. The lack of crowds is a huge bonus, too!

The morning grab has been great! The afternoons have been scratchy, but things seem to pick up again later in the day and early evening. There are not a whole lot of bugs coming off, instead, fish seem to be opportunistically grabby towards random bugs in the stonefly, caddis and mayfly variety. The fish gotta eat and running Rubber legs, Fox’s Poopah brown, Hogan’s S&M brown and olive, black AP nymphs, tan or black Bird’s Nest, Prince nymphs are all good prospecting patterns.

Find fishy water, find feeding fish, and getting it in front of them… these are the important components of a productive day. Just don’t forget to stop and look around occasionally and enjoy this beautiful canyon and all that it offers. The hard pulling, fat wild trout are just a bonus.

Joelle, third day ever fly fishing, owning the Pit River. 

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