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Pit River Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal, Reel Adventures Guide Service

The entire Pit River has been fishing well… I spent a great day recently with guests of Clearwater Lodge fishing Pit 3 section below the lake. We had one of those magical spring days with intermittent sun and intense cloud cover. Though it threatened to rain all day, the clouds produced only a brief shower once or twice. The aquatic bugs were super jazzed under these ideal conditions and by late afternoon we had a smorgasbord of caddis and pmd’s all over the water along with a special showing of green drakes and a few golden stones fluttering about.

 The cloudy, cooler, and sometimes rainy weather we’ve been experiencing this week instigates epic fishing conditions on many of our lower altitude rivers. Far from the drought-busting deluge of rainfall we so desperately need – these cloudy days have none-the-less offered up some cooler temps, darker water, and that type of humid calm that aquatic insect just go zany over. As a fly fishing angler, these are the weather & water conditions you dream of…

 Bring a good selection of caddis and mayfly patterns along with some big salmonfly and golden stone dry flies… you never know. #14 tan Bird’s nest, prince nymphs, Gordon prince, tan Fox’s poopah. #14-16 Dark Lord. #12-18 PT’s, Hogan’s S&M, Mercer’s micro mayfly. #6-10 brown rubber legs, Mercer’s biot stones, these should get you in the game. But, more importantly bring some split shot, a wading staff and your sense of adventure!

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