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Permit Fly Line Review

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While at Playa Blanca Fly Fishing Lodge, I was able to try out a variety of different lines designed for fishing for Permit. I tried the Hatch Tropical Floating Line, SA Grand Slam Line, and The Rio Permit Fly Line.

Our most productive flies were lead eyed Squimps and Rag Head Crabs. Most lines casted them quite well. I would say the SA & Hatch lines casted the crabs a little easier up close but found most successful Permit shots were 40-80 feet.


The Squimp retrieve is quick short strips. The squimp was the fly of choice on sandy muddy bottoms.

Pro Tip: While standing on the front of the boat looking for fish; hang the fly on the stripping guide. When it’s time to cast simply un-hook, take a deep breathe and cast.

A little Permit falls for the crab pattern.


The Kreh Non-Slip Loop Knot on a 9ft 16lb fluorocarbon leader was the ticket. The Crab strip is long slow strips with a mix of stops to entice the fish.

My favorite line for permit was the Rio Permit Fly Line. My mind was made up when it came to making the long casts often necessary to hook the Pinchie Palometta. 


The Rio Permit Fly Line has a 49ft head compared to the SA Grand Slam’s 40ft and Hatch’s 38ft head making longer casts and recasts a breeze.


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