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Playa Blanca LodgeLocation: Espirtu Santo Bay, Yucatan, Mexico....

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Playa Blanca Lodge

Location: Espirtu Santo Bay, Yucatan, Mexico. Playa Blanca is located within the 1.6 million acre refuge called Sain Ka’an Biosphere

Target Species: Permit, Bonefish, Snook, Tarpon, Trigger Fish, Barracuda 


Accommodations: Most cabins are large one room duplexes. There is a main lodge with wifi  and cabana for cocktails. The cabins are built with comfort in mind. Wood shuttered windows allows one to adjust circulation throughout the room with ease. Rooms are impeccably cleaned while you are fishing.

Travel: Hop on a plane Cancun, spend the night in Cancun. In the morning you get on a smaller plane that will get much closer (arranged by lodge). From there a 10 min boat ride to Casa Blanca a sister lodge of the smaller capacity playa Blanca. You will be greeted with a towel and a margarita. From there it is a 40 min drive to Playa Blanca Lodge.

A Day at Playa Blanca: at 6am you will receive a knock on you door to bring you coffee and OJ. Get dressed and head down to the lodge where breakfast is made to order. Order whatever you want… I am partial to the huevos rancheros. At some point during breakfast you need to head to the lunch buffet table to put together your lunch. Lunch generally consists of ceviche, meat, fried fish, tacos, salad, fruit, cookies and chips.

After breakfast 7:15-30ish everyone meets at the truck to head to the boats. Once there you will be greeted by your guide. He will ask you what kind of fish. My response was the same every day “grande palometta” there are a variety of bays, rivers, and flats that the guide can choose from depending on the target species and weather conditions. You will eat you lunch between 12 and 1. The boats are usually due back to the dock at 4pm.

A short drive back to the lodge. Grab your self a “dresser” (a cocktail for the dresser), shower up for cocktails and appetizers at the beach. I highly recommend the margarita on the rocks. Apps generally consist of ceviche, nachos, fried fish, octopus and some of the best habanero sauce I’ve ever had.

Dinner is served in the lodge shortly after 6. The food was incredibly well prepared and fresh. I was really impressed with quality of the food in such a remote location. It is obvious right of the bat that the staff is professionally trained. Dinners were generally 3 courses consisting of salad, entree and dessert courses.

Other Activities: Kayaking, Birding, Exploring Mayan Ruins

Cons: Garbage accumulates all over the beaches. The area imeadiatly infront of the lodge is cleaned, but the rest of beaches are littered with plastic.  The guides have to come back at 4pm for safety reasons (but for a special circumstances will stay out longer if you pay up.)

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