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Northern California Fly Fishing Report

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Brian Clemen’s Reports on 9.29.2016

Over the past few weeks, the fish in Nor Cal has really turned on. The salmon are showing up in good numbers, some are starting to spawn and you know what that means, “EGG BITE TIME”. With cooler temps to come, the fishing will only get better, hard to believe as the fishing is pretty darn good right now.

Feather River

  • Rating: Good to Great
  • Flow: 800cfs in Low Flow
  • Temp: mid 50’s
  • Clarity: Clear

The Feather has really turned on in just the last week, and that’s mainly due to the large push of salmon over the past few weeks. With many redds being built, and even a few salmon paired up and more salmon coming in, its only going to get better. We are seeing some quality steelhead spread throughout the Low Flow Section, and the majority of them are taking an egg imitation. While the “egg bite” isn’t on fire yet, they are eating the egg on a regular basis, give it another week and the fish will be egg crazy. Over the next month, the Feather will be your local go to steelhead fishery. Its looking to be a great fall fishery. Not many available dates remain between now and the end of Nov, if you are looking to book during the egg bite, book now.

Yuba River

  • Rating: Good
  • Flow: 800cfs
  • Temp: mid 50’s
  • Clarity: Clear

The Yuba was a bit tough over the past few weeks, mostly due to the ever dropping flows. Now that they have settle and the fish found there new feeding lanes, the fishing has been getting better. With a few salmon starting to spawn, there is a small egg bite happening, but with more salmon on the move, and a good number still below the weir, give it another week or two and the Yuba will be in full fall swing. If you are looking to get out for a few hours, this will be your go to trout fishery for the next month or two. Not many available dates remain between now and the end of Nov, if you are looking to book during the egg bite, book now.

Trinity River

  • Rating: Good to Getting Better
  • Flows: 450cfs
  • Temp: low 50’s
  • Clarity: Clear

The Trinity is really starting to pick up. I had a week of trips during mid Sept, mostly swinging, but a few nymph trips as well, and what we saw as the week progressed is that the fishing only got better. Lots of smolts to hand, but there where some bruisers hooked, landed and lost. My last guided trip yielded some good numbers of adult steelhead, as well as many fresh fish fishing moving up river through the tailouts. With cooler temps about to hit the Trinity, the fishing is about to heat up. If you are looking to do a multi day trip, this is the place to be. October and November is always a great time on the Trinity, especially if you like to swing. This is where you can not only get fish on the swing, but the water temps are still warm enough to get them swinging on top. Personally, this is the time of year I like swinging on the T. I still have a few available dates in October and November if you are looking to get out.

Lower Sac

  • Rating: Great
  • Flows: 7300cfs
  • Temps: low 50’s
  • Clarity: Perfect

The Lower Sac never ceases to amaze me, and its only getting better. Lots of great fishing to be had right now, some big fish battled, some battles won, some lost, but all in all, the Lower Sac is the place to be. The salmon are showing themselves all throughout the system and in due time the egg bite will be on, but this doesn’t mean they wont eat them now (hint hint). I think the pre-egg bite can give an angler some great fishing before all the crowds. Just as the first few salmon show up and start redd-ing up, the trout go nuts for the thought of eggs, so I always start throwing eggs early and it flat out works. Look for the Lower Sac to get “epic” early to mid Oct, and if you are not up there, you will truly miss out. I still have a few prime dates available between now and the end of Nov, if you are looking to book, now’s the time.

Available Egg Bite Dates

Oct 6,15

Nov 7,8,9,10,25,26,27,28,29

Available Trinity Dates

Oct 18,21,26

Nov 16,17,21,22

For future dates please email or call and let me know what you are interested in

If you have never experience the “Egg Bite” in Northern California, you owe it to yourself to come and check it out, its something that cant be explained, only experienced. With only a few days remaining during October and November, if you are looking to book a trip contact me as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you

Good Luck and Tight Lines

Brian Clemens

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