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McCloud River Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Cox @ Ted Fays Fly Shop Reports on 4.27.2016

Both of our rivers are in good shape for those of you itching to be around for the “opener”. The McCloud flows are very summer like and the color is not bad for now. I suspect the river will see its dose of anglers twitching to work that winter rust off so here’s my prognostication … and warnings for the McCloud (McCrowd). Early season requires you to have your nymphing game tuned up and your sets quick. Get your junk down and check periodically for dirty junk. The river seems to have a fair amount of moss and scum going on. Very few hatches seem to be occurring but that will change shortly. A big stimmie/dropper though should raise a fish or two or three. See below for recommended bugs. Now the bad news, the road into Ah Di Nah saw a lot of downed trees this winter, the Forest Service has cleared them to the campground but not to the Preserve. Bring a BIG chainsaw if you want to drive to the end of the road, otherwise plan on a hike. The FS has been notified but cannot say when they will have the road cleared. Also the water at the campground has been posted as non-potable so beware, bring your own until they square it away. BTW the restrooms are open.

The Upper Sac continues to drop ever so slowly and each day more and more spots are opening up to access. I scouted it today and witnessed small hatches of Blue Wing Olives, March Browns, PMD’s, Caddis and Yellow Sallies. Saw no fish working the top, all fish hooked were again on nymphs. The flows are big and dangerous, be safe and stay within your wading limits. Again here I recommend nymphs for the early season for those who want the tug …. junk down/clean junk=hookups.

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