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Lower Yuba Fly Fishing Report

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Hogan Brown,Hogan Brown Fly Fishing

So the Yuba is UP! Yay! Flows are up to 1100ish cfs but I am not sure how long that will last…hopefully awhile as it is nice to have the river back looking like a river and the Yuba I know and love. I don’t go there if the flows are around 500-750cfs…I hate it that low. I floated it Saturday with clients and the fishing was pretty damn good, as the Yuba goes about as good as it gets. We hooked lots of fish and landed multiple fish in most runs and many of the fish were in the 16-18” bracket with 1-2 that were pushing 20”. The fish seemed to be podded up but were moving into the flats and runs that had not had current in them at 500cfs. First time in months that I had fished the flats on the Yuba…loved it! Hot bugs were mayfly nymphs in the morning and caddis and rubber legs midday into the early evening. There were a few PMD’s and Caddis on the water from morning to midday but I couldn’t buy a fish on the surface. We got a few refusals that seemed like the fish were pretty apprehensive to eat a dry fly…from what I have heard they got pounded on dries for a good month. Afternoon and evening had a good number of little yellow sallies flying around but again we couldn’t get a fish to come up.

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