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Lower Sacramento River Fly Fishing Report

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Anthony Carruesco, AC Fly Fishing

The Lower Sac has continued to kick out some great fishing over the past few weeks. The hatches have gotten better as the flows have started to come up. The river is currently sitting at 7k cubes and will likely stay around this number as summer rolls around. For those of you who were concerned about the river “closure” please don’t worry. The river is only going to be closed from the HWY 44 bridge up, which really only takes away about a  mile of trout water from us. There is over 30 miles of great trout water below this, so there is no need to worry. This closure will be lifted on August 1st. This is one of the best options in California for wild rainbow trout that will bend your 6wt to the cork.

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Hogan Brown,

Hogan Brown Fly Fishing

Lower Sac Trout - Fishing seems to have calm down from the ridiculous fishing that March and Early April were offering. Fishing has been good during specific windows throughout the day on different stretches. For example fishing can be tough in the morning then good in the afternoon or vise versa on other stretches. That is pretty typical of this time of year as May can be a pretty tough month on the Lower Sac for trout. June-August fishing will pick up again in the lower stretches.

Lower Sac Stripers, bass, and shad – Fishing tightened up with the cold front that moved through that last week. I struggle to catch fish on the front or back end of a cold front out here. Prior to the cold front fishing was decent…getting a few stripers and bass and hearing rumors of shad. Water temps are in the 62-64 degree range which should get fish on the feed here soon as the weather stabilizes. Water clarity is an issue with a  1-2” of viz and a brown color to the water but with stripers I don’t worry to much about that…bass and shad I would feel better with some clearer water. 

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