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Lower Sacramento River Fly Fishing Report

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Hogan Brown, Hogan Brown Fly Fishing

I spent the weekend striper fishing on the Lower Sacramento outside of Chico, CA this last weekend. Fishing was good very good. Fall fishing has started on the river and fish are strapping on the feed bag. I have never seen so much bait in the lower sacramento river sense I started fishing for stripers out there nearly 10 years ago. Up and down the river one of the major results of the drought is unprecedented weed growth resulting in way more bait fish then usual and the resident striper population is taking BIG advantage. We caught fish in the 2-3lb range up to fish in the 15-20lb range. Many times this time of year the fish will school up and age classes are all in the same areas together and while a monster may be moving on your fly a smaller more aggressive fish will inevitably jump out in front of it to grab the fly. Most fish are up in shallower water and we even had some great shots at sight fishing to fish in 2-3’ of gin clear water. Fishing should remain like this until the flows are cut Oct 1. If anyone is looking to get out I have the following dates open: Sept 13, 14, 20, 21, 27.



Anthony Carruesco, AC Fly Fishing

Good is only gettin’ better.

Fishing on the Lower Sac remains solid. The top has fished consistent most of the days I’ve been up there. The best window seems to be mid morning through the early afternoon and then again right before dark. The fish up top are super hot right now. I’ve lost a lot of flies to clients trying to put the brakes to the fish in the last few weeks and we have put some really impressive fish to the net. There have even been a few mid-day windows to throw the dry fly to some good noses. The lower floats have been kicking out some STELLAR fishing in the morning hours and then after about lunch time the eating starts to taper off drastically. Overall, the windows that the fish have been chowing in have been plentiful and if you know where to be during these “windows” you can have some great fishing. A variety of different bugs have caught em recently, Caddis, Stones, Mayflies and Midges should all be involved right now. 

My remaining available days in September are: 15,18,19,25,29. I only have three days still available for October: 2,24,29. Fall and early Winter is a great time to fish some of the “Lower” floats on the Sac and look for migrating steelhead. This is just about prime time, boys and girls. Don’t miss it. 

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