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Lower Sacramento River Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal, Reel Adventures Guide Service

We’ve had many fun days on the Lower Sac this week with solid numbers of well-fed and hard charging rainbows coming into the net, along with a few steelhead in the lower river as well. Memories were made, trips re-booked (in some cases extended another day) it’s amazing how many anglers out there have yet to experience this amazing tailwater river right here in northern California.

The hot weather continued to linger this past week, but relief is finally in the forecast with temps dropping into the 70’-80’s this week and some rain!!  *Update- it’s pouring in Redding right now (Thur morning) so things may get interesting now! It’s not supposed to be a long cycle but impressive amounts of rain are being measured.

Don’t expect any robust hatches of bugs, typical for this time of year. Fish are still eating well with random assortments presented in their zone…. small caddis and small mayfly nymphs throughout the day, along with rubber legs. Eggs are becoming more of a factor as the salmon numbers are increasing each week. Soon, the eggs will be the main focus of the trout. Hard to compete with the little protein pills floating around. Be prepared for the shift change.

Fall season is setting up nicely; I love this time of year and welcome the cooler weather. No shortage of things to do between fishing and the different hunting seasons that arrive in waves, CA has a lot to offer!! I’ll primarily be focused on the Trinity and Lower Sac from here on out and I’m completely booked until mid November with just a couple dates still open.


Anthony Carruesco, AC Fly Fishing

Fall has arrived. Fishing bumps to the status of “Good, Great, Grand, Wonderful.” Put your favorite adjective there. It’s happening on the Lower Sac right now. Big trout up in town, steelhead lower down, dry flies, eggs – It’s Fall. We’re getting some nice cool weather too, with an inch or so of rain expected tonight. Which is nice.

Due to the McCloud River blowing out, I’ve got this Friday and Saturday open for the Lower Sac. These are primo dates.

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