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Lower Sacramento outside of Chico - 6/11Hogan Brown Reports:Shad...

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Lower Sacramento outside of Chico - 6/11

Hogan Brown Reports:

Shad fishing has really tapered off and striper fishing has started to pick up. There has been a 40lber caught by a buddy this last week and I have had clients loose a few fish in the 20-30lb class over the last week as well. Need to go out with my under water chain saw and chop up some snags. MOST fish though are in the 2–8lb range and hitting the fly aggressively. There are some options early morning to throw top water and even midday there are fish cruising the shallows eating that will eat a poper but most fish are coming on sinking lines and bait fish patterns. This is just the start and striper fishing will continue to improve and get going over the summer. 


Capt. Hogan Brown


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