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Yosemite Report Yosemite Outfitters Reports 6/11/15The Stanislaus...

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Yosemite Report

Yosemite Outfitters Reports 6/11/15
The Stanislaus Drainage:
The Hwy 4 corridor is experiencing thunder showers that are helping keep water flows up. Tail waters are consistent. Look for dry activity in the afternoon.
Hwy 108 corridor is experiencing a lot of pressure in the Kennedy Meadows area. As always walk farther than a person can carry their ice chest and bucket and you will be fine. Same thunderstorm behavior in the afternoons so be aware. Nymphing till insects start to come off is the best plan of action.


The Tuolumne Meadows area is seeing the thunderstorm activity and certainly worth an early dry fly excursion.


The Merced is doing well between storm pulses, if the water gets too high and off color streamers and bigger size 12-ish nymphs are best.

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