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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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AC Fly Fishing reports on 5.11.2016

The mighty Sac is continuing to kick out above average fishing opportunities. From Redding all the way down to Cottonwood, the river has been stellar this past week. The PMD hatches are getting stronger and so are the Hydropsyche Caddis. A few noses poking through the surface here and there.. That will start to happen more frequently as summer creeps in. Fishing the fast skinny stuff has been quite good certain times of the day. Yes, all of the rivers are open for general trout season right now but per usual, the Sac is still giving us the best opportunities. Boat traffic is definitely subsiding as folks start to migrate to the smaller stream venues. The Sac is such a dynamic river, especially this time of year when all types of water will hold feeding fish.

My next open days are May 17-19, 25-27. This Spring has been one of the best I have seen out here. Don’t miss out..

More photos from the river here.

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