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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal reports on 8.4.2016:

Of course I was on the Lower Sac all week…. I could have written a one word report. Ridonkulous.

The much anticipated reopening of the top section of Lower Sac this week was an event and it was pretty spectaculadr. Many big fish were hooked and some were even landed, although quite a few gave unprepared anglers the middle fin and a screamer.

The intention of the closure is to give imperiled winter-run salmon a fighting chance but it’s evident that 4 months break from all angling on this water does wonders for the trout fishery, as well. Allowing trout to just be trout, with unfettered access to food and feeding lanes every day - without any hooks getting in the way – allows these fish to grow at a phenomenal rate and get even more badass than they already are! We had the pleasure of seeing some ridiculously beautiful fish without even a scratch on them and showing off beautiful paint jobs.

It was crowded for sure on “opening day” and reminded me of powder days on the mountain… a lot of frenetic energy at the boat ramp. It appeared as though everyone was having a great time and respectful of one another despite the fact that there were A Lot of boats out vying for a slice. I saw a lot of smiles and bent rods every time I looked around. We were all there to enjoy the same thing so how could anyone not have a good time?

It’s really cool that the top is now open and we have some great options for floats going into fall season… which is coming up quickly! If you have any desire to fish the Lower Sac I would go now. The “Heat” in Redding is super overrated. You’ll see what I mean when you actually get in or on the water and start fishing.

My next open dates (and I’d love to take you fishing) are: August 12, 15-19, 30

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