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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Capt. Hogan Brown reports on 5.10.18

Lower Sac Shad Fishing - Been out guiding the Lower Sac for shad this last week and the shad have definitely shown up but are by no means in every run. Some run the bit will be wide open starting about 5pm others will be devoid of fish or provide inconsistent action. Flows out of Ord Bend are around 6200cfs which creates some wade fishing options throughout the Butte City to Corning Area. Largest pods of fish seem to be between Irvine Finch and Butte City. Most of the fish being caught are healthy strong males with a few smaller females mixed in.


Lower Sac Bass Fishing - The sloughs are waking up and when clients have been getting tired of hooking shad we have been throwing some Popper/Dropper rigs in the sloughs and catching fish on both…fish seem to be still waking up in the sloughs even though the surface temps seem to be warm enough. Fish are pretty lethargic to rise to the popper though and have been coming up and inspecting the popper and eating the dropper usually.

Capt. Hogan Brown 530-514-2453

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