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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Anthony Carruesco reports on 7.27.18

It’s pretty rare that we have to say this but the past few days on the Lower Sac have been a bit scratchy. Pretty uncharacteristic for this river. The flows are up at 13k cubes, giving the fish quite a few spots to hide from us. That combined with the lack of bugs has made for some tougher than usually fishing. With that being said the fish we are getting have been very quality. 

We’ve hooked some 4-5lb trout in the last few days. Studs by any standard. There are a few flurries throughout the day that you can expect to get into em but the lulls seem longer than normal - maybe its the heat that amplifies it. 

When the flows drop a bit things should crack back off and get good. Stay tuned.

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