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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Anthony Carruesco reports on 8.9.18


The Lower Sacramento River has been giving it up per usual. Smoke is around, some days much more than others. This will be a common theme in most of California for the coming couple of months. 


Not a lot of bugs hatching so mixing it up a bit with your fly selection has been necessary. Fish are spread out and the river is fishing well from top to bottom. 


We’re looking forward to a big egg drop with a lot of salmon already being reported downstream. 


It’s hard not to have a good time on the river right now. 

The “Sac” has been en Fuego over the past few days. The flows have dropped down to 10K cubes and the fish have settled into this drop nicely. We’ve been experiencing great fishing from Redding all the way to Jelly Ferry. This is a great flow and an excellent time of year to go downriver. The river overall has been a ghost town and vacant of fisherman. The smoke comes and goes each day. A mask or buff is nice to have if it’s really smokey in the morning but typically by afternoon it’s getting blown out. Our best windows have been late morning and afternoon/evening. The quality of the fish is superb right now. Even the little 15" fish are abusing people.

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