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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing report

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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing report
We've had some pretty wild weather over the past few days here in Northern California. Wind and rain have been prevalent in the past few days - making our fishing a bit difficult. It looks like after today the rain and wind will diminish with only some showers hanging around through Tuesday. The Lower Sac is currently clearing from the downpour on Thursday night.. It should be back to being a great option by Monday.
Flows are still sitting at 8k with no expected changes. The flows on the Upper Sac spiked with rain but are quickly on the decline. The McCloud and Pit held up and are back to fishing well. The big bugs are really starting to get moving on the Pit, McCloud, Upper Sacramento, and Hat Crk. You should expect some awesome dry fly opportunities in the coming weeks as the weather pattern gets back to its normal warming trend. We are also looking forward to the Caddis starting to crack off on the Lower Sac in the coming days as the temperatures warm back up. There are so many awesome options this time of year. Get out there and get after it! 

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