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Lower Sac Shad and Striper Report

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Hogan Brown Reports on 5.26.2016

Lower Sac Striper fishing

Fishing is picking up for fish that can’t fit a shad in their mouth. True Schoolie fish in the 3-5lb range and a few bigger if you can catch them between feeding on shad. Fish are schooled up so to catch fish you have to cover a lot of water to find the players. Fishing should continue to improve though over the next few weeks as the shad move up river and thin out.

Lower Sac Shad fishing

Fishing has slowed drastically over the last week. Most evenings are only giving up single digit fish for most boats. This is not uncommon as we are probably in-between pulses of fish and word is there is another batch of fish down at Verona that people are catching so with the warm weather coming in this weekend there should be some fresh fish around.

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