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Lower Sac Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal reports on 3.29.18

Lower Sac


    What a difference of weather in just the flip of a week. We went from cold,
overcast and wet to warm and sunny with record afternoon temps in the 80’s.
Last week the overcast conditions created some stellar bwo and pmd mayfly
action. On any given day under the cloud, cover fish were spotted sipping
mayfly emergers and taking duns on the surface. This presented anglers with
opportunities to hunt with the dry fly; quite a special situation on this bobber-
centric river.
    We are still seeing #16 pmd’s and Pink Alberts (a orangeish-pinkish thorax
mayfly) coming off in the afternoon. The caddis are getting more active as
well, especially with this warming trend…
In the afternoon you may also see some adult craneflies and in the mornings
there are the typical midges along with a few fish eating egg patterns - but it’s
the mayflies and caddis that are driving the fishing.
I’ve been seeing more winter-run Chinook salmon rolling around lately.
Hopefully, these imperiled fish have a strong showing this season as river
conditions should be better during their spawning season… recovery is
imperative, extinction is forever.
     The Lower Sac will remain a solid bet for the next few weeks to months to
come. The hillsides are beautiful and lush green along the river right now and
the weather is perfect. Come check it out!


My next available dates are April 9, 10, 12, 13 for more info please visit or reach me at (760) 914-046

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