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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Rob Russell reports on 3.29.18

Putah Creek 


Flows are at 155 cfs, and have been steadily rising over the last few days.  Fishing has been good, but not excellent as it was through most of March.

    Bright sunshine and blue skies have replaced the rain of a “Miracle March”.  Insect activity has consisted of mostly midges, mayflies have begun to show themselves more frequently.  Streamers continue to produce, as fish fatten up on all available protein sources.


As flows increase, anglers will need to use more weight to get their nymphs down.  Larger indicators are required to float the added weight.  A 6 weight rod can make casting heavier rigs, and landing fish in current, a bit easier.  


Not a lot has changed since last week.  Putah Creek is a great choice and fishing is fun!  Contact me for available dates in April.  - Rob Russell 707-888-2571
@robrussellflyfishing Instagram, #robrussellflyfishing Facebook

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