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Lower Sac Fly Fishing Report

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Bucko Theriot reports on 2.2.17

The Lower Sac is still flowing big and mean right now–Currently 25,400 cfs (WOW) and has been flowing big for awhile now. I have still seen people drifting it at these flows and I have seen some big fish being caught. If you do drift it, you can expect the crowds to be low, but I would not recommend it unless you are with someone with experience on the oars. Storms are starting to hit today and should dump lots of rain into early next week.

But lets get excited about spring and the good fishing it brings, especially on the Lower Sac! March & April are right around the corner and it is one of the best times of the year to be fishing this big river. The weather is cool and the fishing is hot! Why is Springtime so good on the Lower Sac? Well, first the rainbows are getting ready to spawn and are trying eat as much as they can to get ready for the rigorous task spawning brings. Secondly, there is good hatches of Brachycentrus caddis and PMD’s and the fish love chowing on the nymph imitations and dries at the right time. Thirdly, pike minnow, and suckers start to spawn, and yellow egg patterns work really well. So, as you can see, springtime brings great fishing opportunities on the Lower Sac. If you are looking for a guide, Western Anglers Guide Service would love to be the one to drift you down and show you what this awesome springtime fishery is about!

McCloud River: April 29th Opening Day

As I sit in my living room with a semi-cold cup of coffee (that didn’t get the attention it needed when it was nice and hot), I couldn’t help but think of “Fishmas"—opening day of trout season. The majestical McCloud River opens its beauty to anglers that have been eagerly waiting all winter long to wade through the bluish-green water that beholds browns and rainbows. The spring months of May & June bring prime fishing and big bugs. What big bugs am I talking about? Golden stoneflies & Salmon Stoneflies—which are giants to the aquatic insect world. What entices many fly fisherman to this hatch is that you get to use big nymphs and big dry flies—I am talking sizes 4-8! There are also plenty of other bugs hatching this time of the year that offer both dry fly fishing and nymph fishing on any given day. The McCloud is a great river to incorporate many different types of techniques that can make you a well-rounded fly fisherman. Whether you want to learn streamer fishing, dry dropper, swinging soft hackles, indicator fishing, indictor-less highsticking, or dry fly fishing, the McCloud is a great place to learn and Western Anglers Guide Service would love to take you out and teach you any of these techniques!

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