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Lower Sac Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal reports on 1.31.19

Lower Sac

Took a break from steelheading today as my clients decided to fish
the Lower Sac. To be honest I was stoked about this decision as it’s
been a while since I hit the ol’ local (maybe I made a strong case for it

 Anyway, the river didn’t disappoint.
Caddis are coming off around midday and the trout were all over
them. We also saw a mix of a few bwo and some larger pmd’sh
mayflies as well. A few random risers here and there. The fish we
hooked all wanted the spring caddis, however, and they were pretty
voracious about it. Swing grabs and major takedowns…

I absolutely love the Lower Sac around mid February through the
springtime. March and April can be fantastic. If you have never
experienced this river in the spring or it’s been a while… hit me up
and get in my boat! I have open days right now for the spring season.
These dates will begin to book up soon, so get a hold of me and lets
chat about your plans or vision of a good day on the water.

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