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Trinity River Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal reports on 1.31.19

Trinity River


With several of the CA coastal rivers currently in shape and fishy the
upper Trinity has been fairly nice and quiet this week. Flows are
super fishable throughout the entire upper river so it becomes coin
toss each day on where we fish. I’ve been drifting Bucktail, Indian and
JC floats all this week with results about the same… fish are pretty
spread out and no big pods anywhere in particular.


Flows from Lewiston to DC are half what they are in JC right now,
which is high and clear! So, if you plan on floating the river in JC you
might consider adding a little longer drift due to higher water… the
typical full day trip floating Evans to JC Camp becomes almost a half
day float at 1k cfs (you may find back rowing and anchoring a lot
more difficult at these flows). Of course, if you plan to spend time
swinging runs then keep the drift short so you have time do work
those spots.


Come prepared to work pretty hard for adult steelhead right now on
the Trinity - they are not coming easy. There are a good number of
wild halfies around and they can be super grabby some days. We
have seen a decent number of 18-20” fish lately.

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