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Local Surf and Bay Report

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Local Surf and Bay Report

George Revel reports on 9.12.19

Local fishing has been awesome. Fish are moving around quite a bit and we have been seeing a lot of bait around.  The LCO crew has been out fishing and we have been finding good numbers of fish morning and evening. We have of course had the usual skunk days that come with chasing fish in the suds. These upcoming warm days usually mean the wind will be down making attacking the surf with a fly rod a hella of a lot easier. The full moon will provide some bigger tides and great night time fishing opportunities. The World Series bite will be here and gone before you know it. So get ready, get your lines dialed, flies in order, and most importantly make some room in your calendar. We have surf guides and Capt's ready to get you out on the water. 

Your tides for the weekend:

2019/09/12 Thu 05:12 AM 0.20 L
2019/09/12 Thu 12:05 PM 5.13 H
2019/09/12 Thu 5:19 PM 2.11 L
2019/09/12 Thu 11:20 PM 5.72 H
2019/09/13 Fri 05:43 AM 0.33 L
2019/09/13 Fri 12:30 PM 5.15 H
2019/09/13 Fri 5:53 PM 1.90 L
2019/09/13 Fri 11:59 PM 5.60 H
2019/09/14 Sat 06:12 AM 0.52 L
2019/09/14 Sat 12:54 PM 5.20 H
2019/09/14 Sat 6:25 PM 1.70 L
2019/09/15 Sun 12:37 AM 5.42 H
2019/09/15 Sun 06:40 AM 0.77 L
2019/09/15 Sun 1:18 PM 5.28 H
2019/09/15 Sun 6:58 PM 1.51 L
2019/09/16 Mon 01:16 AM 5.20 H
2019/09/16 Mon 07:08 AM 1.09 L
2019/09/16 Mon 1:43 PM 5.36 H
2019/09/16 Mon 7:33 PM 1.34 L

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