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Lake Davis Fly Fishing Report Baiocchi’s Troutfitters reports on...

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Lake Davis Fly Fishing Report

Baiocchi’s Troutfitters reports on 6/9/15:

The last week at Lake Davis has had mixed results in both strength in the hatches and the catching, with one day being red hot and the next fair. Water temperatures are now at 60 in the morning rising to 65 in the early afternoon within the main body of the lake. The word is out amongst fly anglers and fishing pressure has increased dramatically. Large rainbows are feeling it too, and an angler will be much more successful in searching out quiet coves, and intimate flats. Best areas to focus on now are between Camp 5 and Mosquito Slough.

The Damsels are dominating and the fish are keyed in on them, though there are Blood midges in the mix as well. Afternoons have been slow and I can only speculate that the trout’s stomachs are full of food while they lay in deeper water while digesting their intake. Besides they have to take a break as they anticipate the Hex hatch in the evening. The Hex hatch, like the Damsel hatch is very inconsistent from day to day. You never know how it’s going to be, but one must factor in weather, like wind, air temps, and cloud cover. On cloudy days I have been seeing a few Hexagenia mayflies hatch during the middle of the day, this indicates a strong population that is ready to pop and emerge at any time.

Today my guests had the treat of casting to some large toads in a foot of water on the muddy flats of the west shore. The water temperatures in these areas registered 71 degrees, but the food source is so great that these large rainbows will sacrifice being comfortable, for them, it’s all about being greedy. Targeting skinny water feeders is the most awesome fishing a fly angler can do at the lake, it’s like bone fishing in the south pacific, where sight and technical spot on presentations are a must. When trout are in a foot of water, their cone of vision is extremely small, and you must put you fly right in front of them to get a grab. Not some of the time, but all of the time. Addicting and challenging is the theme here. Now is the time to fish Lake Davis, June is the banner month and the consummate fly angler should drop everything and get involved. It’s that good!

Jon Baiocchi

(530) 228-0487

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