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Truckee-Tahoe Area Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles Reports on 6/8/15

If you noticed the Truckee River fishing report has been changed too, Truckee-Tahoe Area Fishing Report. I just cannot condone fishing the river at these flows at least in the normal manner, I’ll explain.

Flows out of Boca Res are now 16cfs, putting the river here in Hirschdale to 108 cfs. Down lower, below Floriston it is a bit higher, maybe 150 cfs or so.

That is very low, not as low as it got last year, but this is much, much earlier than last year. In Nevada there are a few sections that are fishable, but some of the stuff through Reno is scary low and shouldn’t be fished.

If you do want to fish the Truckee River go early or late evening. Water temps are going to become a concern. Remember the Hoot Owl last year? I would put that in effect now.

If I was to fish the river right now at these flows, I would make it a little more challenging. I would not fish nymphs, or tight line nymph, or indicator rigs, etc, etc. I would suggest go out and just throw dries. Maybe get a Tenkara rod and learn something new and approach the Truckee River as small stream fishing. I have and it’s super fun. Stay away from the grip’n grins and just be cool to our fish. Of course, you could refrain from fishing the river until she gets more water.

The river may come up. They will at some point in time release water out of Boca this summer. We could get some good afternoon thunderstorms, but the reality is the river is low, and it’s going to stay low, at least for now.

In and around Tahoe we have all kinds of other shit to fly fish on besides the Truckee River, lakes, creeks, etc.

Warmwater Fly Fishing: Carp is everywhere in Nevada, and on the lower parts of the Truckee River. Smallmouth Bass galore in the area lakes. Prosser, Stampede, and Boca all have smallies, and it’s super fun on a fly rod.

We have some great stillwater venues: Frenchmans, Davis, and Milton, Calibaetis and damsels are going off on them all right now. They are all between an hour, or an hour and a half from Truckee. If you have a float tube, great, if not, stalk the shores looking for risers.

The Little Truckee has perfect flows for now. Green drakes will show soon, and the pale morning duns are just starting to pop. I’ll be out there a bunch, dry fly fishing mainly.

And the creeks, The creeks are all really good right now. Get out a small light glass rod, or a Tenkara rod and have at it.

Photo is of a nice brown from an area lake. It was all day dry fly fishing there.

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