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Hat Creek Fly Fishing Report

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John Fochetti, Clearwater Lodge

From Powerhouse #2 down to Brittain Lake. Most of the water in this stretch of River is fed by the Rising River lake which is a massive spring feeding cold water into the main stem of Hat Creek above the town of Cassel. Sure it is the middle of August and the sun is high and bright, but the water is cold and flowing at a constant rate. My suggestions would be to hit hat creek early in the morning and in the evening, when you can find hungry fish feeding on the surface revealing themselves to you. However, the water temps are still plenty cold enough to warrant the use of waders. If you want to fish here mid-day, nymph the water that is more oxygenated like riffles and faster moving runs. Try using Hogan’s S&M’s, pheasant tails, and caddis pupas.

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