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Frenchman Lake Fly Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi Reports on 10.26.2017

Incredible weather and above average air temps warmed the water a bit with temps around 55 to 57 degrees. The Eagle Lake rainbows have been eating well and putting on some girth. The strain is an angry trout, and they fight really aggressively. Some days are off the charts, while others just ok. If you’re not hooking up, move to a different location. Everyday is different, change up your stripping speed until one works. Yesterday it was fast, today just a crawl. Big population of snails available for the fish, and sparse callibaetis and blood midge hatches. The trout are spooky when glassy conditions exist, they’ll get more grabby when there is a ripple on the water. Burnt orange, olive, and black are the best colors for buggers and wiggle tails. Sheep Creek specials tied on a 2457 makes a great snail imitation. Mornings and evenings are have been the most productive. See you out there..

Jon Baiocchi

530 228 0487

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